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What Libexpression provides 

A sewing day is never complete without a cookie and a cup of tea that's why I always have a cookie break in the morning or the afternoon.

For your first class that requires a rotary cutter, I provide it, so you can test for yourself if you like it or not. I guarantee you that going back to scissors afterwards is difficult. Subsequent times, you only need to bring your rotary knife, and I provide the cutting mats and rulers. 
If by mistakes you forget something, I can help, but I trust you will bring everything you need. I understand that we can forget things.

It is possible to eat at the studio and use the microwave, hot water, etc.



What you need to bring almost every course


Your sewing machine in good working order with the instruction manual, a sewing kit and an extra spool. If you do not have a portable machine, please contact me at 418-851-0965

Sewing kits include thread, needles, scissors, seam ripper, straight pins, pen/pencil and paper (or notebook).

Please arrive between 10 and 15 minutes before the start of class so that we can start on time.


Registrations Policies

*Please read carefully before registering for a class*.


Reservation: 418-851-0965, or at the Centre du Tissu, 345 rue Vézina, Trois-Pistoles where you can see the samples and find everything you need for your class.

Payment: By credit card, call Lise at 418-851-0965 

- Payment must be made to guarantee your place in class.

- Class fees are non-refundable unless there are not enough participants to fill the class or someone else can take your      place.

- You are responsible for making sure you have all supplies and fabrics before the class begins.

- Please respect those with allergies and refrain from wearing perfumes, scented lotions and hairspray.

- You must bring your own sewing machine, which must be in good working order before class begins. If you do not have    a portable machine, please contact me at 418-851-0965